The mode of independent idling, characterized by an impaired process flow, unproductive fuel consumption and increased emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, is the most unfavorable mode of the diesel engine operation. Therefore, the aim of the research is to reveal the peculiarities of the tractor diesel engine operation by the camelina-mineral fuel in the mode of independent idling. Camelina-mineral fuel is a mixture of camelina oil and mineral diesel fuel in certain ratio of these components. To assess the possibility of using the camelina oil as biological component of diesel mixed fuel, an experimental study of the D-243 diesel engine in idling mode was carried out, and the degree of influence of the different ratio of the components of the mixed fuel on its parameters was determined. The researches were carried out with the diesel fuel on the L-0.2-62 mineral fuel and the camelina-mineral fuel with a ratio of the biological and mineral components: 25% RyzhM + 75% DT; 50% RyzhM + 50% DT; 75% RyzhM + 25% DT; 90% RyzhM + 10% DT and 90% RyzhM + 10% DT (US). For the parameters of the diesel, the excess air factor, the filling ratio of the diesel cylinder with fresh charge, the maximum cycle pressure, the hourly fuel consumption, smoke and carbon monoxide content in the exhaust gases are taken. It is established that when the diesel engine works on camelina-mineral fuel mode the minimum sustainable speed of the crankshaft idle speed 800 min-1 the values of maximum cycle pressure (6.3 MPa) and the filling ratio of the cylinders of a diesel engine the fresh charge (0,87) remain unchanged. The coefficient of excess air, increasing in mixed fuel shares of camelina oil to 90%, reduced from 7.187 to 4.619, while fuel consumption increases of 1.1 kg/h 2 kg/h. The best environmental indicators are observed when working on red-and-mineral fuel 50% RyzhM + 50% DT. Handling mixed fuel with ultrasound reduces fuel consumption, smoke and content of carbon oxide in the exhaust gas relative to the mixed fuel not treated with ultrasound.

About the authors

Aleksandr Petrovich Ukhanov

Penza State Agrarian University

Email: ukhanov.penza@mail.ru

Denis Aleksandrovich Ukhanov

Penza State Agrarian University

Email: dspgsha@mail.ru

Evgeniy Alekseevich Sidorov

Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy named after P.A.Stolypin

Email: sidorovevgeniy@yandex.ru

Aleksandr Ivanovich Yakunin

Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy named after P.A.Stolypin

Email: serviceandmechanics@yandex.ru


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