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The purpose of research is a strategic substitute feed grains (corn, wheat, barley) in the diet of hens egg. The consumption share of cereal feed in the poultry industry is 60-70%. The consumption of grain in the world is in-creasing annually, and is also used for the processing of biofuel and other technical resources, shortage of these types of feed. A need for new types of feed, which could partially replace and to fill the shortage of energy, protein and mineral feed. Finding wide usage of local unconventional feed as a substitute for grain is one of the ways to increase the production of eggs and poultry meat. The ration for the experimental chickens produced by weight batching the ingredients and step-input in the mixer. In the control group, the grain part of the ration consists of corn, wheat and barley, and in the experimental groups, these crops are replaced, in accordance with the scheme of the experience, for grain triticale from 20 to 80%. The change in composition of feed had a negative impact on the health of poultry, the keeping of livestock is made 93.33-96.67%. The highest egg production during the period of research (142.7 PCs.) in chickens of the third group, which is higher compared to the control, by 1.04%. Analysis of the results showed that the content of most essential amino acids, triticale is on the same level with sorghum, and the number of them is superior to corn and other traditional crops. At the same time, effective provision of replacement of feed grains in the diet of laying hens local triticale are 20-40% by weight of dry matter of feed.

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Davron Dadadzhanovich Ergashev

Institute of Animal Breeding Takzhikskih ASA



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Copyright (c) 1970 Ergashev D.D.

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