The purpose of research is preparing energy intensity reduction of concentrated feed mixture (feed concentrate) in compliance with zootechnical requirements for the quality of the mixture due to the use of the mixer-conveyors. Purpose: establishing a func-tional dependency between the structural and technology-related parameters of the mixer and process performance; identifying optimal or rational values of mixer parameters, providing the desired mixer quality and minimum energy intensity of mixing. The basis of modern industry is the use of mixtures varieties and obtained on their basis of composite materials. Getting compounds is carried out by various devices, including mixers, extruders and screw presses, widely distributed in industrial drum mixers, dryers, mixers and other devices. They are low cost in energy consumption and is able to prepare in short time possible uniformity of the mixture. In the future, the quality of the mixture practically does not improve. In this case, attempts to use drum mixers are widely presented in retail chains, for the preparation of feed on the basis of the protein-vitamin supplements (PVS) and native forage failed due to lack of quality of the mixture. The article gives the description, structural diagram and photograph of the mixer-conveyor, continuous with spiral working body. The technique is described and results of experimental researches of the continuous mixer-conveyor. Presents expressions describing the unevenness of the mixer and the energy intensity of stirring, depending on the length of the mixing zone the performance of the device and shares of the controlling component. Two-dimensional section of the surface response second order were built. It was based on the analysis of the graphs of the uneven mixture of intensity and substantiated parameters of the mixer: the optimal performance of the device is about 3.6 t/h; mixer-conveyor is operable for the preparation of dry compound mixture in the proportion of smaller component mixture – not less than 13% and the length of the mixing zone – not less than 1 m.


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