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The purpose of research is improving the quality of mixing vertical mixer. The main objective is to study the effect of duration of mixing lobes and control component mixtures on the quality parameters of the mixer. Modern livestock development requires the provision of animal food of high quality with adequate quantity. The quality of feed mixtures is determined by the existing in mixtures of substances in the diet on the list and quantitative content. Another important factor is the uniformity of distribution of substances throughout the volume of the prepared mixture. If the quantitative proportion of substances throughout the volume of the mixture is determined by the performance of the dispensers, the uniformity of distribution of substances in micro-volumes of a mixture depends on the mixer. Used mixers are continuous and batch. The mixers of periodic action slightly higher energy intensity of the mixing, but rather follows the general formulation of the mixture. The description of the mixing device of the proposed mixer is shown. Graphically the results of experimental studies of the effect of the control component proportion and the time of mixing the quality of mix being prepared. The simulation obtained results indicative of the function of the quality of the mixture and of empirical coefficients, taking into account the proportion of the control component. The higher the percentage of the control component, the less the required time of mixing of ingredients to achieve the required quality of the mixture. When the portion control ingredient is less than 3% mixing the time is more than 400 and multiplied. When the portion control of ingredients more than 8% of the duration of mixing is about 180-200 C and is not reduced significantly.


Copyright (c) 1970 Fomina M.V., Chupshev A.V., Teryushkov V.P., Konovalov V.V.

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