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The purpose of the study is to increase the efficiency of milk production in conditions of intensive technology. The material of the study was highly productive cow Holstein breed with milk for lactation 7,500 kg of milk or more. For the experiments, three groups of cows were made, each with 20 heads in each according to the principle of par- analogues. The animals of the groups studied had different parameters for the duration of deadness, lactation and the service period. During the study, the parameters of the course of labor, the postpartum period, the restoration of the reproductive function of cows after calving were studied. To monitor the blood and its serum, morphological and biochemical studies of the blood of animals in the study groups were carried out 30.0 days before calving. The length of the lactation period, deadness and the duration of fruitful insemination were especially taken into account. It was found that the reproductive performance of cows are interrelated with the duration of lactation and deadness. The increase in the duration of the dry period by 20.0 days reduces the course of the act of delivery by 1.8 hours and the postpartum period by 5.3 days. Correction of the periods of the duration of the physiological state of cows also affects the duration of recovery of reproductive function in cows after calving and its qualitative indices. It was revealed that under the conditions of intensive milk production technology, with a cow production level of 7500 kg of milk and more, the lactation period – 310.0 days, deadness – 80.0 days and the service period – 120.0 days is optimal, as it provides an increase in reproductive quality of cows due to improved metabolic rate in the prenatal period.


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