The purpose of research is more effective use of sowing units, due to the introduction of fertilizer distributing machines modern hardware and software systems. The question of differential fertilizer at planting was studied, revealed the main shortcomings of existing systems. Based on the market of software and hardware platform Arduino has been selected on the basis of its developed electronic circuit differential fertilizer system. To test the efficiency of the entire system was manufactured calibration stand and software was developed for the registration of changes in strain gauge load. Next, the calibration experiment was set for 8 load cells type C2H 500 kg. According to the results of the experiment it was showed that the developed system can be used to automate the differentiated application of mineral fertilizers during sowing crops in precision farming technology. Measurement accuracy, high speed processing and signal generation and the high cost of the selected equipment make possible the introduction of precision farming technology even in small farms with minimal cost.


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