The aim of the study is to justify the improvement of dairy cows feeding standards with productivity 8000 kg of milk per year and live weight of 600 kg for the periods of lactation. In developing the standards it was used a new approach to determine the need for energy and nutrients through a combination of scientific and economic experiments with factorial method, which takes into account the physiological needs of the animals, to identify the relationship of the standards feeding with productivity. The scheme of the energy balance in the body of cows that when calculating the standards requirements of the metabolic energy can further take into account the factors of changes in body weight and activity. Developed regression equations and model calculation needs highly productive cows in the exchange of energy and essential nutrients using factorial method, which includes factors need to maintain life, milk production, pregnancy, gain (loss) in body weight and activity of the animals. The effect of feeding for improved standards on nutrient digestibility and utilization of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus, as well as indicators of rumen metabolism and biochemical status of cows blood with a yield of 8,000 kg of milk per year in the period calved. As a result, feeding cows for improved rate of growth in milk production for 305 days of lactation was 6.0%, with a significant increase in yield of milk fat and protein, and the cost of feed per 1 kg of milk fat standard expressed in the exchange energy were lower than controls at 3.6% in obtaining additional revenue from the sale of dairy products.

About the authors

Aleksandr Vital'evich Golovin

The All-Russia Research Institute for Animal Husbandry named after Academy Member L.K. Ernst

The Russian Federation, Podolsk district, village of Dubrovytsia
профессор; доктор биологических наук; руководитель; лаборатория кормления и физиологии пищеварения с.-х. животных


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