The purpose of the research is the improvement of pneumatic devices for combined massage of the single-chamber type heifers udder by methods of mathematical modeling. Combined massage the udder of animals, mostly heifers, cattle, implements, usually with the help of machines, consisting of massage of the casing and active or passive working body. By design, they can be single-chamber or multi-chamber. In the apparatus one or other of the types of mechanical component effects on the mammary gland of heifers has a positive effect primarily on its morphological parameters, while the physiological properties of galactopoiesis animals are changing for the better under the influence of pneumatic massage. In the first stage of the simulation examines the process of the flow of air from the chamber with a constant volume through the hole with the same diameter. On the device to massage the udder of heifers includes the power pneumatic chamber with variable volume, which can be performed at the same time or separately with a massage bell and connect periodically or on a continuous basis through one or several calibrated holes. The model of such device is more complicated in the description and can be obtained on the basis of the synthesis of more simple theoretical relations describing the workflow of massage bells and the power of the pneumatic chambers.

About the authors

Anatoliy Alekseevich Kurochkin

Penza State Technological University

The Russian Federation, Penza
профессор; доктор технических наук; профессор; кафедры "Пищевые производства"


Penza State Technological University

The Russian Federation, Penza
кандидат технических наук; Доцент; кафедра "Пищевые производства"


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