The purpose of researches is complex assessment of grain crops grades for resistance to wreckers of inventories. 17 grades of grain crops zoned in the Samara region (wheat firm and soft, triticale, barley) for resistance to wreckers are researched in case of storage by complex of qualitative, biological and biochemical indexes. Complex assessment of grain crops grades is executed by 32 criteria of stability, 7 of which entered complex assessment of grades for resistance to wreckers: solid losses, life expectancy of bugs, fertility; protein content, quantity of gluten, vitreouse and mass of 1000 grains of the grain damaged by wreckers. By results of researches the most steady noted grades of winter wheat: Volga region 86 (27 points), spring-sown soft field – Kinelskaya 61 (31 points), spring-sown firm field – Bezenchukskaya 182 and Bezenchukskaya of 200 (30 and 26) points, barley – Volga region 65 and Agathe (24 and 22 points) Belonging of grades to certain type or a version didn´t influence stability manifestation. In each group of cultures there were grades, both steady, and susceptible against wreckers. Influence of field wreckers (a bug turtle and wheaten trips) for manifestation of resistance of grain to damage by barn wreckers is also established. The received results of researches can be used in selection work on creation of grades with wide group resistance to wreckers of grain inventories.


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