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The purpose of research is theoretical basis and an example of computer modeling load parameters for identifying hazardous sections in the design of the supporting levers. When designing new machines or upgrading their suspension, and also in the event of breakage of the chassis components have any questions related to designing services and strength calculations of elements of the chassis. A particular difficulty is the identification of the causes of failures of structural elements in the presence of the device lifting frame body (hopper) due to the rotation of the support levers move the wheels relative to the frame of the tank (body). The article is built the design scheme of static loading of the supports of the wheel mobile unit with adjustable height (hopper) and define expressions to determine the reaction of experiencing a fulcrum lever with different geometrical parameters with the angle of its location. Carried out theoretical researches have allowed to draw up the scheme of loading, to establish the analytical dependence of the internal forces and reactions of supports, which may of numerical modeling to optimize the design of the lever supports for the concrete governmental dimensions of their elements and profile rolled arm wheel support. The analysis of internal power factors shows that the most dangerous section in bending is the section in the vicinity of the cylinder mounts to the lever. In view of the availability of torque and its significant quantity threat the second section of the lever is the connection to the axle mount on the frame


Copyright (c) 1970 Zaitsev V.Y., Konovalov V.V., Vol’nikov M.I., Petrov A.M.

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