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The purpose of researches is to study the effect of non-pesticidal pest against the background of soft winter wheat cultivation for seasonal dynamics of composition and abundance of pests and their entomophages in the conditions of Samara Region forest-steppe. Insects was collected with an entomological net for 10-50 flaps in triple repeated in autumn and spring-summer periods of wheat vegetation. In the conditions of the non-use of insecticides of entomocomplexes included insects-phytophagous which are potential vectors of viruses, phytoplasmas; suctorial and gnawing phytofagous; insects are developing inwardly wheat stems; entomophagous. Entomophagous regulating the density of phytophagous were represented by predators and parasites. In 2012-2013 main vector of phytoplasmas (Psammotettix striatus) and insects are developing inwardly wheat stems (Oscinella pusilla, O. frit, Delia platura) had a high density in the autumn period in the stage of wheat seedling growth and in spring in the stage of stem elongation. In 2013-2014 the density of any pests were not reached economic threshold values.

About the authors

Vladimir Grigor'evich Kaplin

Samara State Agricultural Academy

профессор; доктор биологических наук; профессор; кафедра «Растениеводство и земледелие» The Russian Federation, Samara


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