Vol 1, No 3 (2016)



Vasin V.G., Vershinina O.V.


The purpose of research is the development of peas productivity increasing ways in the conditions of Middle Volga forest steppe. Results of researches during 2013-2015 with an assessment of photosynthetic activity indexes, structure of harvest, productivity and fodder advantages of peas by different methods of crops preseeding processing and are given by biogrowth factors Noktin and Fertigrain. The largest square of leaves 45.0-47.4 thousand sq.m/ha is formed in a phase of blossoming peas on options at an inoculation of seeds by Rizotorfin and Rizotorfin + Fertigrain Start with after-treatment of crops with biostimulator Fertigrain Foliar in a phase of 4-6 leaves. Photosynthetic potential of crops for vegetation was made without processing of seeds and crops on vegetation of 1.275 million sq.m/ha in a days, when processing seeds preparations Fertigrain Start it raises to 1.305 million sq.m/ha in a days. Net productivity of a photosynthesis reaches maximum in options with processing of seeds Noktin + Fertigrain Start and Rizotorfin + Fertigrain Start and processing of crops on vegetation with an index 4.00-4.09 g/m2 days. The conducted researches showed that all options of processings of seeds and crops increase the efficiency of peas. The greatest productivity of peas 2.04 t/ha and 2.12 t/ha is reached on the crops processed with preparation Fertigrain Foliar in budding phase against processing of seeds preparations Rizotorfin + Fertigrain Start and Noktin + Fertigrain Start. These options differ also in the best fodder advantages with collecting nonvolatile solid 1.82-1.90 t/ha, the feed protein units 2.32-2.41 thousand/ha and an exit of an exchange energy 23.35 - 24.27 GDzh/ha. Results of the conducted researches Noktin and Fertigrain allow todraw the conclusion for application effectiveness of preseeding inoculation of seeds and processing of crops vegetation by preparations.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):3-10
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Kaplin V.G.


The purpose of researches is to study the effect of non-pesticidal pest against the background of soft winter wheat cultivation for seasonal dynamics of composition and abundance of pests and their entomophages in the conditions of Samara Region forest-steppe. Insects was collected with an entomological net for 10-50 flaps in triple repeated in autumn and spring-summer periods of wheat vegetation. In the conditions of the non-use of insecticides of entomocomplexes included insects-phytophagous which are potential vectors of viruses, phytoplasmas; suctorial and gnawing phytofagous; insects are developing inwardly wheat stems; entomophagous. Entomophagous regulating the density of phytophagous were represented by predators and parasites. In 2012-2013 main vector of phytoplasmas (Psammotettix striatus) and insects are developing inwardly wheat stems (Oscinella pusilla, O. frit, Delia platura) had a high density in the autumn period in the stage of wheat seedling growth and in spring in the stage of stem elongation. In 2013-2014 the density of any pests were not reached economic threshold values.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):10-15
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Vasin V.G., Karlov E.V., Vasin A.V.


Research objective is increasing the yield of barley varieties in the conditions of forest-steppe of the Middle Volga Region. Are the results of studies for 2014-2015 with the assessment of yield structure indicators, the dynamics of accumulation of dry matter, photosynthetic capacity and leaf area in different varieties of barley compared to pea for different backgrounds of mineral nutrition and processing of crops in different growth stimulants Avibit, Aminokat, Megamix N10 in the conditions of Middle Volga Region forest-steppe. In three-factor experience included two backgrounds of mineral fertilizers: no fertilizers, N45P45K45 (factor A), five barley varieties: Helios, Sonnet, Golden eagle, Hawk, and Bezenchukskaja 2 peas Flagship 12 (factor B), treatment of crops during vegetation is at tillering drugs: Avibit, Aminokat, Megamix N10 (factor C). The research identified that in all options the treatment of crops and application of fertilizers increase the performance of the photosynthetic activity and cause the greatest increase of all crops options for processing. Maximum yield over the study years provide barley varieties of Helios with the treatment of crops during vegetation drug Megamix N10 as fertilizer and N45P45K45 will be 2.43-2.90 t/ha.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):15-19
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Mushinskiy A.A., Aminova E.V., Gerasimova E.V.


The purpose of research is to identify potato varieties with high ecological flexibility and stability in the conditions of steppe zone of the Urals. The experience was laid by one-factor circuit in 3-fold repetition. The studies were conducted for middle and middle-early varieties of potatoes domestic and foreign selection. We define the parameters of their ecological plasticity and stability analysis using two-factor model (conditions and years). In 3-year data were allocated potato varieties – Artemis (58.9 t/ha), Aerrow (51.6 t/ha), Riviera (51.1 t/ha), Romano (55.2 t/ha). The regression coefficient ranged from 0.54 to 2.59, the stability coefficients vary from 0.20 to 49.04. It was found that the regression coefficient is significantly greater than one, indicating that the progressive increase in yield under the influence of improved growing conditions in such varieties as: Rainbow (Ri 2.19), Sail (Ri 2.59), Memory Kovalenko (Ri 2.41) Tarasov (Ri 2.05), Karatop (Ri 2.19) – varieties of intensive type. Revealed grade plastic – Nevsky, Spiridon, Romano, Aerrow, Scarlett Red, Riviera, Curator (Ri=0.70-1.08).
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):20-22
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Vasin V.G., Karlova I.V., Vasina A.A., Chugunov V.G.


The purpose of researches is development of old-age grass with Central Volga area East Galena Officinalis L. productive longevity extension methods. Results of researches for 2013-2015 with an assessment of structure factor of harvest, dynamics of accumulation of green material, nonvolatile solid, to the photosynthetic potential of a East goat’s rue are given in article. Entered three-factor experiment in studying of formation of an agrophytocenoses on extension of productive longevity of herbage: options of processing of the soil loosening on 35-38 cm, loosening on 14-16 cm with a disking on 4-6 cm, a disking on 4-6 cm (factor A); application of fertilizers of N48P48K48 and N32P32K32 (factor B) and costrets subsowing (factor C). By researches it is revealed that at a revenascence all options had quite good results, application of fertilizers substantially increased the number of escapes of East Galena Officinalis L. on average on 19.5-21.4 pieces/sq.m, on option of 1999 of crops their maximum was received by 307 pieces/sq.m ,grass productivity in 1999 of crops was much better, than in 1992. But both grasses had top yield of 4-6 cm, with costrets subsowing and increase in a mineral delivery of 11.7-12.1 t/ha. Photosynthetic potential during branching the most maximal in all studied options, but at budding it goes down almost on a half that is characteristic of long-term herbs. Results of the conducted researches allow to draw a conclusion on what type of reception of processing can be carried out in the conditions of the forest-steppe of Central Volga Area.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):23-28
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Eritsyan S.K., Farsiyan N.V.


The purpose of research is to identify the influence of the fertilizers aftereffect and ameliorator for yield formation and quality of winter wheat grain Bezostaya 1after predecessor (potatoes) in the unirrigated soils of the Askeran region of NKR in 2011-2014. It should be noted that the winter wheat in the region is an advanced crop, but due to lack of irrigation water and the lack of rainfall is often collected by low yields. Research has established that the aftereffect of fertilizers and meliorants noticeable effect for growth, grain quality and yield formation, the amount of which depends from the application of the system of fertilizer. It is proved that more weak effect preserved when under a precursor have been made only mineral fertilizers (N90P90K90), where as potassium fertilizer was used potash (N90P90K90 option), and when on the same background was used gypsum or bentonite. If in the system N90P90K90 fertilizer (KCl) instead of KCl was used treated dacitic tuff (OTD) or on the same MM backdrop bio-fertilizer, as well as an option manure 30 t/ha + N90P90K90 (KCl), the consequence was significant. In these embodiments, the yield increase compared to control 1 (no fertilizer) was 30.2-57.2%, as compared to the control 2 (N90P90K90 option (KCl) – 10.8-30.6%. In these embodiments, the content of NPK was high in the grain: 1.90-2.15% N; 0.93-0.97% P2O5 and 0.77-0.85% K2O, whereas in the control 1 1.78% nitrogen, phosphorus – 0.69%, 0.53% potassium, and in control 2, accordingly – 1.80%, 0.81%, 0.65%.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):28-32
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Baymishev M.K., Baymishev K.B., Meshkov I.V., Pristyazhnyuk O.N.


The aim of the study is improving the efficiency of cows acute postpartum endometritis treatment by use of the drug Metrolek-O. For the treatment of cows acute postpartum endometritis was used the drug Metrolek-O in the dose of 40, 50 and 60 ml with an interval of 48 hours, intrauterus. For the study of blood counts during the cows treatment of the studied groups, blood was taken before and after clinical diagnosis of healing. Blood was taken from 5 cows from each group of IP-using system «Monojet» from tail vein. It was found that sick animals reduced content in the blood: hemoglobin – 22.80 g/l; erythrocytes – х1012 of 1.05 g/l; segment reflexology point pressure-nuclear neutrophils – was 4.02%; globulins – to 10.97% at simultaneous increase in quantity of leukocytes by 2,94х109 g/l and albumin – to 10.97%. When we use dose of the drug Metrolek-O – 50 ml morphological and biochemical blood parameters had large indicators that correspond to background. Drug Metrolek-O in the dose of 50 ml of the more effective as it provides normalization of the gradient of blood and recovery of animals by anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, constant and regenerating properties, and increasing the dose to 60 ml ineffective because of the allergic properties of the drug, as evidenced by the increase of eozinophils 1.89%.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):33-37
pages 33-37 views


Pskhatsieva Z.V.


The purpose of research is increase in economically useful qualities of piglets weaned with co-feeding of the sorbent Kovelos-Sorb and probiotic Sporotermin. Weanling piglets produced in 2 months of age. Duration of the experiment was 60 days, on reaching the age of 120 days. The first control group received a basic diet, the second experimental group – the basic diet and probiotic Sporotermin in the amount of 0.1% by weight of the feed, the third experimental group – the basic diet and sorbent Kovelos-Sorb in the amount of 0.1% by weight of the feed, the fourth test group – the basic diet, Sporotermin 0.1 by weight of the feed and Kovelos-Sorb 0.1% by weight of the feed. The studies found that the body weight of piglets at the age of 120 days in the second, third and fourth groups were higher by 4.1; 6.6 and 10.9%, respectively, relative to the first live weight of pigs group. It has also been found to increase average daily gain of 7.1; 11.7 and 19.4%, respectively, relative growth of the first group of piglets. Feed costs decreased by 3.7-16.3% in the experimental group, fed by the sorbent and the probiotic and probiotic sorbent together. With increasing body weight, the increase and feed decrease, there was an increase of beef entering the 0.4-1.6% relative to slaughter pigs release of the first group. Based on these data, we recommend the combined using of probiotic Sporoderm and sorbent Cavelos-Sorb, respectively, in the amount of 0.1% by weight of the feed for piglets-weaned at 2 months of age.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):37-40
pages 37-40 views


Dolzhenkova G.M., Galieva Z.A.


The purpose of the research is improving the efficiency of energy utilization of diets for Black-motley breed bull-calves through the use of probiotic drug Biogaran.The experiment was conducted in SPK-collective farm «Heroi» Chekmagushevsky district in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Group formation was carried out according to the principle of analogues taking into account breed, sex, age and body weight. 4 groups were formed of 6-month-old bull-calves of Black-motley breed and control (I) and 3 experimental (II, III and IV) for 15 heads each. In the diets of young II, III and IV groups in addition to the basic diet were injected with 3.5 g; 7.0 and 10.0 g of probiotic feed additive Biodarin per 1 kg of concentrated feed. Animals treated with the drug at a dose of 7.0 g/kg of concentrated feed, in comparison with their peers of the control group better digested dry matter by 1,64% (P<0.01), organic – 1,25% (P<0.05), crude protein – 2.97% (P<0.05), crude fiber – 1,53% (P<0.05) and BEV – 2.64% (P<0.05). Using in feed rations of large horned livestock young growth feed additive «Biodarin» has positive effect for energy metabolism: energy interchancing increased by 1.02-1.79 per cent, the energy gain is increased by 10.96-of 19.72%.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):40-45
pages 40-45 views


Iskhakov R.S.


The purpose of research is scientifically and practically prove the possibility of increasing the level of meat productivity purebred for young calves at the crossing of Black-motley cows with bulls of the breed Obrac. Research objects are the bulls of Black-motley breed and their hybrids I generation with Obrac breed. For the experience 4 groups of animals were formed: I and III – Black and white breed, II and IV – gobies Оbrac crossbreeds ½ x ½ black-and-white. Bulls of groups III and IV in the 2 months of age were castrated by open way. All experimental animals identical conditions of detention and feed have been established. To monitor the physiological state of an organism of young animals in the winter and in the blood of the summer, blood was taken from the jugular vein before feeding and watering, measured hemoglobin, alkaline reserve, the number of white blood cells, red blood cells, serum – total protein, protein fractions, calcium, phosphorus, , the activity of AST and ALT. Deviations from the physiological norm morphological parameters of blood in the experimental groups of calves during the experiment was not set. Total protein content in serum was higher in summer compared to winter. Increasing the total protein content have purebred calves was 4.1 g/l (5.3%), crossbred steers 3.3 g/l (4.2%), respectively castrates at 4.2 g/l (5.6%) and 4.9 g/l (6.5%). There is a trend increase of enzyme activity in the summer, due to a more active course of metabolism in the body during this season of the year. Purebred and crossbred young are characterized by high adaptive plasticity, as evidenced by morphological and biochemical indices of blood. All quantitative and qualitative changes in the blood were largely seasonal in nature and due to the influence of environmental conditions. Thus all interior change indicators do not go beyond the limits of the physiological norm.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):45-48
pages 45-48 views


Dolzhenkova G.M., Galieva Z.A.


The purpose of the study is to identify the best pigs hygienic conditions through the effective functioning of the systems provide controlled microclimate in the buildings. Comparative evaluation of fattening and meat qualities of pigs depending on hygienic conditions of detention were held in Meleuz (group 1), Belebeevsky (group 2) and Ilichesky (group 3) pig farms of LLC «Bashkir bacon». To conduct research in these enterprises on the principle of analogues with regard to origin, age and live weight were formed the experimental group of weaned piglets of Large white breed 25 heads. The studies were conducted at identical feed the background with the use of full-feed in a stack according to the age and breeding programs. In all groups feed was used the same batch of manufacture. The feed consumption was determined according to the group based on the actual amount of feed consumed during the period of fattening. Studies have shown that zoo-hygienic conditions of breeding and fattening to a certain extent, affect not only the intensity of increase in live weight, but also on fattening and meat quality of pigs. It was found that the identified zoohygienic parameters do not have a significant negative impact for the hygienic characteristics of raw meat. The results of author´s research as well as recommendations developed on the basis of the conducted research, adopted for implementation in the units of LLC «Bashkir bacon». The data below show that the index of massiveness that reflect the main feature of the habitus, in pigs of group I was higher than in group II at 2.0% and III – by 3.7%.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):48-52
pages 48-52 views


Iskhakov R.S.


The purpose of research is comparative evaluation of meat efficiency Black and Motley bull-calves breed and its hybrids with Aberdeen Angus and Limousines. Scientific and economic experience I was held in SEC by Kirov Dyurtyulinsky District Republic of Bashkortostan. For the research it was formed 3 groups of 15 steers heads each. Group I was consisted of purebred bull calves of Black-motley breed in II – the Half-Blood crossbred Aberdeen Angus x Black-and-white, in the III – the Half-Blood crossbred bulls Limo´s Black-and-white. Bulls to 6 months of age were grown by hand-watering of milk, and then they were in the feedlot. To study the meat quality assessment and steers by effectively feed conversion in essential nutrients meat products held con-controlling slaughter 3 animals in each group according to the experimental scheme of 15 and 18 months. The results of the slaughter of calves suggest that age increases the mass of the carcass, the internal fat of raw and slaughter yield of animals of all groups. Increased steam carcass weight at 18 months of age compared to 15 months in animals in group I was 43.1 kg (20.2%), II – 46.7 kg (20.4%) and Group III – 55.0 kg (23.5%). At the same time supply growth rate carcasses crossbred bulls II and III groups were superior to purebred steers to 18.2 kg (7.1%) and 32.0 kg (12.5%). At 15 months of age protein conversion rate ranged from 7.46 to 7.95%, energy – from 3.62 to 3.93% in 18 months – respectively, from 7.32 to 7.86%, and 4.17 to 4.64%. At the same time the best trans-formation of the protein in the meat products had cigarette butts all groups in the 15 months of age. Crossbred young groups II and III of this indicator exceeded peer group I in 15 months at 0.49 and 0.38%.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):52-55
pages 52-55 views


Gizatullin R.S., Sedykh T.A.


The main goal of the research is increasing the productivity of the breeding stock and bulls for herd reproduction. Evaluation of dairy cattle building was carried out on the basis of the appraisal for 2012-2014, statistical compilations, data certification and reproduction departments and intensification of animal MOA Belarus, JSC «Bashkir» in breeding, GUSP «Bashplemservis» PG SLC «Ufa», according to the records, according to the farms of the republic. The studies found that the proportion of breeding cattle in the Republic of Bashkortostan of the total number of cows is 18% of the productivity level for the black-motley breed of 5696 kg, Holstein – 6630 kg Simmental – 4834-4716 kg and Bestuzhev. Under these circumstances, production of milk is one of the main objectives and preserve and improve the productive qualities of Simmental and Bestuzhev cattle as the most adapted to the climatic and forage conditions of the region through within-breeding and cross-breeding Simmental cattle with red motley Holstein, Bestuzhev – with Angler and red Danish rock. Available in the national reserve of bulls steer Bank in general is characterized by high productivity potential of female ancestors, which only 60-70% is realized in the current conditions of commodity production. Bulls fathers steer used in GUSP «Bashplemservis» are absolute improvers, and used in more than 50 countries.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):55-59
pages 55-59 views


Khakimov I.N., Zhivalbaeva A.A.


The purpose of the study – improvement of breeding and productive qualities of Hereford cattle by insemination bulls form the canadian selection. It is established that in young Hereford beef cattle between live weight and height at the sacrum and between the height at the sacrum and average daily gains there are mainly medium and high positive correlation (from 0.35 to 0.73) . Regression analysis has shown that the change in height in the sacrum on 1 cm, causes the increase of live weight of animals from 1.55 kg in animals of different lines and produktivity gain of calves from 7.67 g to amounted to 23.87g. The highest coefficient of the time average correlation coefficient of between the height at sacrum and live weight setlen in the group of heifers, obtained a bull from the absolute 49S, and the highest co-factor regression between these two traits in heifers obtained from a bull of a Wide Load 391W. The same trend holds when comparing groups correlation coefficient and regression between the height at the sacrum and average daily gain. It is noted that calves of all groups are well adapted to local conditions, and have high gain.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2016;1(3):60-63
pages 60-63 views

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