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The purpose of researches is development of old-age grass with Central Volga area East Galena Officinalis L. productive longevity extension methods. Results of researches for 2013-2015 with an assessment of structure factor of harvest, dynamics of accumulation of green material, nonvolatile solid, to the photosynthetic potential of a East goat’s rue are given in article. Entered three-factor experiment in studying of formation of an agrophytocenoses on extension of productive longevity of herbage: options of processing of the soil loosening on 35-38 cm, loosening on 14-16 cm with a disking on 4-6 cm, a disking on 4-6 cm (factor A); application of fertilizers of N48P48K48 and N32P32K32 (factor B) and costrets subsowing (factor C). By researches it is revealed that at a revenascence all options had quite good results, application of fertilizers substantially increased the number of escapes of East Galena Officinalis L. on average on 19.5-21.4 pieces/sq.m, on option of 1999 of crops their maximum was received by 307 pieces/sq.m ,grass productivity in 1999 of crops was much better, than in 1992. But both grasses had top yield of 4-6 cm, with costrets subsowing and increase in a mineral delivery of 11.7-12.1 t/ha. Photosynthetic potential during branching the most maximal in all studied options, but at budding it goes down almost on a half that is characteristic of long-term herbs. Results of the conducted researches allow to draw a conclusion on what type of reception of processing can be carried out in the conditions of the forest-steppe of Central Volga Area.

About the authors

Vasiliy Grigor'evich Vasin

Samara State Agricultural Academy

профессор; доктор сельскохозяйственных наук; зав. кафедрой; кафедра «Растениеводство и земледелие» The Russian Federation, Samara

Irina Valer'evna Karlova

Samara Academy of Humanities

аспирант ; аспирант; кафедра «Растениеводство и земледелие» The Russian Federation, Samara

Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Vasina

Samara State Agricultural Academy

доцент; кандидат сельскохозяйственных наук; доцент; кафедра «Растениеводство и земледелие» The Russian Federation, Samara

Viktor Gennad'evich Chugunov

Samara State Agricultural Academy

соискатель; кафедра «Растениеводство и земледелие» The Russian Federation, Samara


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Copyright (c) 1970 Vasin V.G., Karlova I.V., Vasina A.A., Chugunov V.G.

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