No 3 (2010)


The Method of Soil Heterogenity Map Making.

Milyutkin V.A., Kanaev M.A.


The method of soil hardness indicators allocation heterogeneity map making has been suggested.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):3-6
pages 3-6 views

Theoretical Determination of Constructive-technological Parameters of Slot Cuter-Processing.

Savelev J.A.


The constructive-technological parameters of slot cuter-processing is theoretically determined.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):6-10
pages 6-10 views

Results of the Plowshare Sowing Complex Energy Estimation.

Gnilomedov V.G.


Data and the analysis of ploughshares sowing complexes and seeders energy estimation are cited - the cultivators differing in design data and representing three basic types of cultivator, plainly to cut and combined attachmens intended for superficial preseeding processing of soil with simultaneous seeding of seeds.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):10-16
pages 10-16 views

The New Method of Applying Fertilizers in Sowing.

Milyutkin V.A., Kanaev M.A.


A new method of applying fertilizers in crops sowing is shown.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):16-19
pages 16-19 views

Fine Grains Crops Quality Improvement in Selection Manufacture.

Petrov A.M., Zeleva N.V.


The scheme of disco-tape sowing device which will allow to raise the quality of fine grain crops in selection manufacture is presented and described.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):19-21
pages 19-21 views

Combined Plowshare for Fine Grain Forage Crops Design.

Kryuchin N.P.


Combined plowshare is offered which allows to sow finel grain forage crops in more damp soil with observance of high uniformity of landing seeds on the set depth.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):21-23
pages 21-23 views

The Stage-by-Stage Analysis of Seeds Sowing Technological Process.

Kotov D.N.


The stage-by-stage analysis of technological process of crops seeds sowing by sowing system, on the basis of the multidimensional determined model constructed by the principle « input - exit» is carried out.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):23-26
pages 23-26 views

Estimation of Sowing by the Tape-Disk Seeding Device Quality.

Vasilev S.A., Vasilev A.A.


The description of design and technological process of tape-disk seeding device process is presented for fine grain crops and the quality indicators of its process providing the set limits of standard variation of seeds sowing are defined.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):26-30
pages 26-30 views

Pneumatic Selective Seeder with the Central Rotary Vane Dozers for Fine Grain Crops .

Krjuchin N.P., Morev E.A.


The scheme of pneumatic drill with central rotary-vane type dozers and its technological process are described
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):30-32
pages 30-32 views

The Constructive-Technological Substantiation of Soil-Cultivating Cut Disks.

Savelyev U.A., Dobrynin U.M.


The constructive-technological parameters of combined soil-cultivating tool cut disks battery substantiation is given. Experimental dependence of soil crushing quality from the cut disk quantity, corner of disks attack and distance between disks in the battery is resulted.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):32-36
pages 32-36 views

Process of Hard Seeding Crops Perfection Dispensing by Application of Electric Field

Kryuchin N.P., Vasiljev S.I., Kryuchin A.N.


The way and the device for dispensing of hard seeding crops is described. It is offered to use electric field to level density of seed lots and to raise uniformity of seeds stream.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):36-40
pages 36-40 views

Loosenning Chisel Geometric parameters Underpinning.

Parfyonov O.M., Goncharov S.M.


The interaction process between work body and soil is determined. Forces, appearing when the system deflected from balance position and influencing for symmetrical cultivating parts are described. The parameters of denuating chisel are underpinned.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):40-42
pages 40-42 views

Disign of the Sowing Device for Seeding Seeds with Various Physicomechanical Properties.

Krjuchin N.P., Krjuchin P.V.


Design of sowing devices are considered, the scheme of shtift - brush device is resulted and its technological process is described.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):42-45
pages 42-45 views

Influence of Quantitative and Specific Structure of Weed Vegetation for Cultivators Process.

Fedoseyev V.M., Rusinov A.V.


The analysis fallow fields pollution by weeds are presented. The basic methods and machines for weed struggle are considered. Experimental data about cultivator process for soil continuous processing and a cultivator-harrow are presented.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):45-47
pages 45-47 views

Prospects of Irrigation Machines Use in Samara Region.

Talanov N.N.


The issue of irrigation machine DKSH-64 use effectively increasing by replacement of irrigation machines with irrigation nozzles is considered. The nozzles design and their installation points for irrigation machines is described.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):47-51
pages 47-51 views

Methods and Results of Soil Processed Layer Surface by Cut-Loosening Grading.

Savelyev U.A., Fathutdinov M.R.


Grading of soil processed layer surface by cut-loosening method is designed. The experiments results are shown and analysed
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):51-53
pages 51-53 views

Analysis of Devices for Flax Broadcast Sowing.

Kirova O.V.


Devices for flax broadcast sowing classification, and also the distribution process of seeds in undersoil space analysis is presented.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):53-56
pages 53-56 views

The Ways of Tractor Transmission Units Life iIcreasing.

Volodko O.S., Lenivtsev G.A., Efimov V.V.


The way of tractors gear box life increasing by friction steam's tribologycal parameters improving is considered.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):57-60
pages 57-60 views

Results of Laboratory Researches on the Friction and Wear Process of Friction Clutches Disks Samples.

Prikazchikov M.S.


The results of laboratory researches on friction and wear process of frictional disks samples with application of the modified surfaces and mixed oil for the purpose of increasing "Kirovets" transmission resource are considered. The rational combination of hardness and details modes of friction is proved.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):60-64
pages 60-64 views

Technical-Economic Efficiency of Machines Diagnostics.

Yanzin V.M., Kuznetsov S.A.


The methods of diagnostics machines economic efficiency calculation is performed. It is shown that using of the nodes and unit technical diagnostics technology gives the significant economic effect to account the reduction of the losses from machines idle time in off-hour condition.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):64-66
pages 64-66 views

The Wear Process of Fuel Equipment Precision Pairs.

Boldashev G.I., Bychenin A.P.


The diesel injection system precision pairs wear process mechanism to dynamic loadings is considered. The ways of wear process decrease by deterioration at the expense of mixed fuel application are planned.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):66-70
pages 66-70 views

Spare Parts Purefinal Treatment Methods Comparative Features.

Tcherkashin N.A.


The advantages and lacks of spare parts definitive fair processing methods are considered. Results of researches of comparative operations are resulted.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):70-73
pages 70-73 views

Тhe Diesels Unit Injector with Hydraulic Drive and Electronic Control of the Fuel Feed.

Gabdrafikov F.Z., Abrarov M.A.


The modernized construction of unit injector with hydraulic plunger drive and electronic control is proposed, that makes it possible to increase the system operating speed, and mathematical description of the fuel feed process is also given.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):73-78
pages 73-78 views

Substantiation of the Rational Lubricating Composition on Rape Oil Base for Tractor Hydraulic Systems.

Bazhutov D.N., Volodko O.S.


Results of the comparative researches of hydraulic and rape oils tribologycal characteristic are brought in article. The structure of lubricant composition on rape oils basis for the tractor hydrosystems, having high tribologycal characteristics is experimentally proved.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):78-81
pages 78-81 views

Results of D-144 Engine Bench Tests with Friction Geomodifiers Oil.

Myasnikov B.N., Penkovsky S.A.


Results of internal combustion engine D-144 bench tests with use as the additive to the lubricant environment the friction geomodifier are resulted. For the formation of protective layer on friction surface the training quality will improve and the durability of the tractor engine in operation will increase.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):81-83
pages 81-83 views

Estimation of Farm Machinery Quality Maintenance and Reconstruction Possibility.

Zhiltsov S.N., Galenko I.Y.


The methods and results of farm machinery quality maintenance and reconstruction possibility estimation dataware for agroindustrial complex are presented.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):83-86
pages 83-86 views

Reconstruction of Ventilation in Cattle Farms.

Frolov N.V., Bukhvalov G.S.


Microclimate improving possibilities in old cowsheds are described in the article.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):87-89
pages 87-89 views

Manure Dehydrating Process Substantiation for its Cleaning from Cattle-breeding Sheds.

Kirov J.A., Zabirov F.H.


Conveyor for manure cleaning with simultaneous farm requirements dehydrating theoretical and experimental researches results are given. Upgrade data-regime design device influence empirical dependences on received manure quality with the purpose of valuable organic fertilizer preparation are received.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):89-92
pages 89-92 views

Soya Stern Mixtures Forage Nutritiousness Increasing by way of Extrusion.

Novikov V.V., Janzina E.V., Uspensky I.V.


Ways and technologies of soybeans forage preparation for farm animals are analyzed. The results of the experimental studies on soya stern mixtures extrusion are brought.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2010;(3):92-94
pages 92-94 views

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