No 2 (2015)



Pyatova O.F.


The purpose of researches - is state diagnostics of the social and labor sphere. For achievement of this purpose official statistical data of Russtat and Samarastat, data of special sociological researches were used. Dynamics of indicators which are used for calculation of summary assessment coefficient of the social and labor sphere condition is studied. During research the level of average salary increases by 26.3%. This increase promotes the average per capita income by 23.5%. For the same period the size of living wage increases by 10.4%. In the region the share of the persons having the average income is reduced is lower than living level on 3.3 p.p. In the region the birth rate increases. In the city district the coefficient of birth rate increased by 0.8 thousand people for 1000 population, in rural areas it increased by 1.2 thousand people for 1000 population. The mortality rate remains stable throughout the period. Natural losses of the population which are partially compensated by migratory streams are observed. The share of expenses of the population for acquisition of food with 33.6 decreases to 32%. As for food allowance of urban population it is more, than at rural fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy products, fish and fish products. The country people use bread and bakery products, meat more. Both groups of the population abuse sugar and confectionery. Level of the general unemployment with 5.1 to 3.2% is reduced. The quantity of the registered crimes and mental pathologies is reduced by 100 thousand persons. The coefficient summary estimates of the social and labor sphere from 2011 for 2013 decreases that testifies to improvement of situation.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):3-6
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Shumilina T.V.


The purpose of research - is risk reducing through the development of risks insurance system in the agricultural sector. The feature of agricultural production is its dependence from the influence of climatic conditions. Thus, according to the calculations, the amount of crops loss, reducing crop yields and death of animals in the farms of the Samara region in 2012 amounted to 2.443.300.000. rub. Agricultural insurance in many countries is one of the means used by manufacturers as part of their comprehensive strategy management of agricultural risk. The main aim of risk insurance creating effective system for agricultural producers with state support is available for the provision of the vast majority of insurance products for comprehensive protection of the production of the main risks in the production of agricultural products. In 2003 it was created FSBI «Federal Agency for State Support of Insurance in the field of agricultural production», the purpose of which is to perform managerial and methodological features that ensure the development of agricultural production risk insurance with state support. Monitoring risk insurance of agricultural producers in the Russian Federation showed that for the period 2008-2013 the amount of subsidies increase, transfers from the federal budget to the budgets of the Russian Federation for compensation of costs for insurance contracts by 21.2%. In Samara region in 2013, the number of contracts compared to 2008 increased by 3.5 times. There has also been the increase in the amount of subsidies for reimbursement of expenses for payment of insurance premium to 4.18 million rubles in 2008 to 95.94 million in 2013. The developed system of risk insurance in a market economy is reliable way for financial compensation for losses of agricultural producers arising from the occurrence of adverse factors.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):7-10
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Zavodchikov N.D., Zemlyankina A.S.


The purpose of the study is to simulate the process of developing strategy for the production of bakery businesses. It is proposed to use functional-structural approach and one of its effective tools - standard IDEF0, implements the methodology of structural analysis and design (SADT-technology). Bakery company developed a conceptual model of A0 with the given parameters, representing the SADT-entry-level model. For the presented model defined limits: the general strategy that defines the basic direction of the company; production capacity; user requests to be met by quality, range, quantity of products; budget enterprises from the perspectives of development; target prices for raw materials and finished products; raw material suppliers and partners of the company. Next is the decomposition of the original function «Development of manufacturing strategy» with regard to these limitations. At the input provided by SADT-model parameter should «be free of manufacturing strategy», the output is finished production strategy of the enterprise. During the development of manufacturing strategy is supposed to implement blocks: A1 - organization development process manufacturing strategy; A2 - identifying areas of enterprise strategy; A3 - conducting SWOT-analysis of the enterprise; A4 - development of industrial strategy; A5 - the development of the implementation plan of the production strategy.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):10-14
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Pshikhachev S.M., Balashenko V.A.


The main aim of article and research could be methods of indirect development in the Agri-Industrial Complex with factor of sectorial sanctionties. Most of main aim that is regulated to all Governments is the optimization of production volume. All nationals would like to develop the expansion of complex agrarian policy through international trade. Russia is the fifth world importer of agricultural products after Europe Union, China, the USA and Japan with total import should be going 40.4 bln. dollars. The main aims of such policy will have to be the income stabilization for farmers and real growth of economy and good pricing for all counteragents of the market. The state agrarian policy is based on the internal and external standards including international. Domestic standards could be economic including a quality of physical and human capitals, role of state in the technology development and international exchange reserve, tax resource and social and politics. Specially for Russia is more actually it’s being research of the US Extension development, investing and hector payments realizing which are indirect methods in the agriculture.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):14-19
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Zhichkin K.A., Guseinov F.M.


The aim of the study - is to improve the performance evaluation of households to allow comparison of the results. The primary task of each state is the problem of providing the population by own agricultural production. During the research we analyzed different aspects of private household activities in different contexts and historical periods. The most important periods for this economic sphere are the period from strict administrating in 30-50s to full freedom in 90s. We suppose to say that authors have proposed a classification with an idea of historical periods. There are six stages of releasing small holders: the period of occurrence (1935); the period of policy leasing (1967-1970); the period before the transformation (1980-1982); the period of adjustment (1986-1990); the period of formation marketing relationship (1997-2001); the modern period (2009-2013). The basic characteristics of period definitions is the degree of freedom for private household. All calculations are based on operations for one private farm or per person. The quantity of all farms that had been presented for analysis was almost the same even at different historical periods. But, we should notice that the population of farms was gradually declined: from 4.18 to 2.55. There was always a variety of average sizes of private farms. The main tendency of twenties is gradually increasing and than rapidly decreasing of the squares that private farm using. As well we suppose to add that the square meters of ground that is using for buildings is rapidly increasing. The same thing is happening with quantity of cattle's: steadily decreasing and than step by step increasing in a situation of changing economy of a country
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):19-23
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Kurmaeva I.S., Baimishevа T.A.


The purpose of researches - is the assessment of the pig industry status in the Samara region. Based on the above objectives, the task was to analyze the main trends in the development of the pig industry in the region. The analysis revealed that, despite the fact that there are over 200 meat-processing plants, there is an unrealized balance of pork in live weight 1415 tons. Dynamics of consumption of meat and meat products per capita in the Russian Federation and the Samara region shows a positive trend (an increase of 24 kg or by 32.4% and 16 kg or 26.6%). According to Western medical standards, this figure is expected to reach more than 80 kg per capita per year, in the Russian Federation and its value is 74 kg and in the Samara region 60 kg Therefore, the main challenge facing the state is the provision to the population with its own production pork i. Sanctions against Russian forces in the short term to ensure import substitution in the domestic market. For this purpose, according to departmental target program «Development of the pig industry in Samara region» producers by 2020 there will be government support in the $ 636 billion rubles, of which about 250 billion rubles will be spent for livestock, including pig industry. Funds from the regional budget will be distributed in the following areas: 1) support of livestock breeding (since 2012 the government provides the possibility of obtaining grants for the development of pork production in the region); 2) subsidies up to 30% of the acquisition costs livestock equipment for livestock farms; 3) subsidies the cost of equipment.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):23-25
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Saldaeva M.N.


The purpose of researches - is to prove need and possibility of public-private partnership instruments use in Russia for the solution of social-and-ecological problems. In Russia the intense social-and-ecological situation as result of considerable anthropogenous loading and the collected ecological damage with low ecological investment activity and almost ecological responsibility of business absent was created. These factors have synergetic character, mutually strengthening each other and aggravating a situation in general that results in need at the highest level to speak about importance of integration of ecological component into business production economic activity. The Russian President in 2012 approved the «Bases of State Policy in the field of Ecological Development of the Russian Federation for the Period to 2030» program where application of public-private partnership at public financing (joint financing) of actions for improvement of ecologically unsuccessful territories, eliminations of the ecological damage connected with last economic and other activity admits to one of market mechanisms of the solution of environmental problems. This time in Russia in various spheres is affected by 595 projects of public-private partnership. In the field of ecology projects it isn't enough, but it is already realized in the following spheres: recycling, systems of water supply, station of preparation of drinking water, treatment facilities. For the solution of pollution problems the reservoirs and elimination of the ecological damage which is saved up in this sphere 42 projects of public-private partnership (PPP) in branch orientation are realized by housing and communal services. Water supply and water disposal with the volume of investment was 183 billion rubles. The most part of investments were public funds. In the sphere of recycling the significant amount of the PPP projects with total amount of investment to 18,8 billion rubles is realized and planned: construction of waste recycling plants and complexes, solid waste landfills, creation of processing and utilization (burial) systems of solid waste (SW), construction of hi-tech waste processing complex, construction of ecological science and technology parks on processing of SW
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):25-29
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Kurmaeva I.S., Zhichkin K.A., Baimishevа T.A.


The purpose of the study - is the assessment of the pig industry status in the Russian Federation. The analysis revealed that pork production in agricultural enterprises of the Russian Federation in recent years has increased in 2013 compared to 2012, 24.7%, compared to 2011 - 41.5%. Out-of-quota pork imports in 2013 amounted to 166.1 thousand tons, which is 43.8% less than in 2012 A positive trend was due to increase in state support allocated to pork producers. Regarding imports, here in 2012, there is the reverse situation. There is a reduction in the volume of import pork, due to the restrictions imposed by the Rusagrinadzor for pork imports, both from private farms and from countries whose product does not meet the veterinary-sanitary norms and requirements of the Russian Federation. The reduction was concerned States, where the situation is unfavorable epizootic situation of quarantine diseases of pigs. At the end of August 2013 was ban for the import of pork and alive pigs for slaughter from Belarus in connection with outbreaks of African swine fever. For the successful development of the pig industry in the Russian Federation it is necessary to solve the problems faced by domestic producers of pork: the absence of markets, the second problem is reduced to inter-sector conflict between processors and producers of pork due to the different interests.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):29-31
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Galenko N.N., Volkonskaya A.G., Shustova N.S.


The purpose of research is to generalize theoretical bases of arable lands economic assessment in Russia. We should notice that the economic assessment of lands serves as an indispensable condition of many administrative task solutions. For example, one of difficult questions of farm management is the objective assessment of agricultural enterprises activity, identification of real reserves of production. It is possible to make it only in case when results analysis of economic assessment of the lands are used in wide application. The state is interested in scientific justification of the taken-away areas sizes, in rational use and establishment of the correct amount of monetary compensation to the farms which «lost» lands. Within separate economy, the economic assessment of the lands is necessary at intrereconomic planning, at placement of cultures and branches in economy, at justification of land rent size, during the developing and application of incentive measures of work. At different stages of agriculture development it was offered to use different techniques of economic assessment of the land in practice. Even within one period, but in various regions of the country approaches to determination of the land plots cost weren't identical. In this regard, the problem of objectivity in measurement of the concrete land plots cost on the basis of modern scientific and technical achievements, for example in the field of an assessment of quality of the soil is actual
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):32-35
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Sotnikova I.N., Kupryaeva M.N.


The purpose of research is development of vegetable subcomplex on the base for integrating nets through closed circle using production, processing and market channel of vegetables distribution. In the modern situation internal supplying of local products for Russian consumers have been strategic movement of economy and food security of state. Especially important meaning in the decision of this issue should be solved through vegetable production and supplying as social importance and strategic product. At Russian situation it would be critic meaning is the disbalance for relations between all participant vegetable markets. The main task should be developed the subcomplex as union creation integrated forming and structure through cooperation production, processing and distribution vegetables. We are sure that product goods lines could be the mean of realizing the issue of construction of effective function subcomplex of Agro-Industrial Complex. The product goods lines can be solve the task of providing and getting effective and synergy effects. The economic relations in such lines would be better than disintegrated development and to be oriented of final results. In general, we discuss that is created social holding companies and themselves improvement at unprofitable product good lines and development through economic mechanism of economic holding companies at the profitable product good lines in the vegetables production. All realizing supplying from authors would be become for development closed integrated structures of vegetables production.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):35-38
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Lazareva T.G.


The purpose of research is development of recommendations to improve the accounting and control of the contractual relationship in order to maintain the competitiveness of economic actors and maximize profits. The study had been resolved following tasks: studied system of contractual relations of different organizational enterprises and legal forms and forms of ownership; a systematic shortcomings in the organization of accounting and analytical support of contractual relations, on the basis of which practical recommendations for their elimination. Examine the practical experience of accounting and analytical support contractual relations enterprises in various industries, it was concluded that in their structure the largest share in the calculations with buyers and customers. This kind of relationship are built on the basis of signed contracts for sale and delivery. In the accounting departments of the research information objects in settlements with buyers and customers organize and processed using the program 1C: Enterprise. We have concluded that satisfactory condition and compliance with regulations of this calculation. As a result of analytical procedures identified a number of irregularities in the accounts receivable to eliminate them were asked to develop a user registers, the credit rating of the debtors, the systematic formation of accounting reconciliations, as well as the control scheme based on the tests, plan and program of internal control. The proposed activities contribute to the rational implementation of accounting and control work, strengthening work on the «bottleneck» that in general a positive impact on the financial results of economic entities.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):38-42
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Mashkov S.V., Prokopenko V.A.


The purpose of researches is assessment of the practical importance and park calculation method at a complete of park set for the enterprise modern equipment and its subsequent operation by method of combine harvesters park optimum structure calculation and to results an assessment of their economic efficiency indicators for modern combines, it is visible that the hour operational expenses (HOE) includes modern achievements of the domestic and foreign economic theory and practice. The system of HOE works with MySql database calculated on use over 30 thousand records. The relational MySql database is one of the fastest inquiries for performance and processing records. The algorithms of calculations used in it are harmonized with world-wide recognized ASAE standard. Important point of realization by regional agrarian automated control system is that databases for cars and technologies not only accumulate factual data for these objects, but also scientific knowledge of their practical use. Thus data which are stored in the central and local databases, don't contain in the basis of information of advertizing character. In essence, questions of technical providing and production management of agricultural production the system HOE has to become for the enterprises the same software product what in accounting the system 1C is for today. Real ways of practical introduction of system of HOE to the sphere of agro-industrial complex are that.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):43-48
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Chernova Y.V.


The purpose of research - is improvement of registration and documentary base for information about intangible assets in accounting reports. The indicators opening information about intangible assets in annual accounting (financial) reports of producers are investigated. Requirements to the organization of intangible assets accounting for obtaining most developed information of indicators all circle are defined. The system of sub-accounts to accounts 04 (04-1 «Objects of intellectual property», 04-2 «Know-how», 04-3 «Business reputation», 04-4 «Trademarks, brands», 04-5 «Research, developmental and technological works», 04-6 «Other», 04-7 «Leaving of intangible assets») and 05 (05-1 «Depreciation of objects of intellectual property», 05-2 «Depreciation of objects of know-how», 05-3 «Depreciation of business reputation», 05-4 «Depreciation of trademarks, brands», 05-5 «The cost of research, developmental and technological works which is written off for expenses», 05-6 «Depreciation of other objects»), and also the accounts of the second order to account 04 (the assets acquired about the party is developed received as contribution to the authorized (depository) capital or it is gratuitous; the assets created by the organization; the assets with completely settled cost which aren't written off from accounting and used for receiving an economic benefit). Accounting registers for formation of data file about the intangible assets which are subject to reflection in accounting reports are offered. Recommendations about the organization of the analytical accounting of intangible assets are made. The offered registration and information system will allow to reflect correctly data for existence and the movement of intangible assets in accounting reports and will provide possibility of quality improvement for the investment and administrative decisions made on its basis.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):48-52
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Gazizyanova U.U.


The purpose of researches is to improve accounting methodology of animals breeding and fattening in agricultural organizations. In the article assessment of accounting current state and documenting transactions with animals in breeding and fattening in number of Samara region farms is given More attention was paid to the organization of primary operations accounting with animals in breeding and fattening. As a result, it was found that in the studied farms when creating documents and the designing of regulatory and administrative documentation, regulatory accounting, is allowed the same type of error. To improve documentation to record the movement of animals in breeding and fattening were proposed modified forms of primary documents for registration of economic life facts. The study found that in the majority of farm enterprises of the region the production cost of the animals in breeding and fattening, at which they are recorded in the accounting records and financial statements, exceeds the cost of implementation. This fact leads to the necessity of creation and accounting of provision for decline in the value of wealth. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of financial information, which is reflected in the financial statements recommended the creation of reserve to reduce the cost of animals in breeding and fattening. The author has developed the method of forming the provision for impairment of animals in breeding and fattening and form of accounting document.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):52-58
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Makushina T.N.


The purpose of researches is improving the classification of transaction costs for management accounting within the agricultural holdings. The paper proposes the improved classification in transaction costs in the system of management accounting, with the release of the main and auxiliary business processes in order to agricultural holdings effectively manage. Some of the most advanced methods of constructing effective management systems include the so-called process approach to management with the release of the business processes by which it is understood steady, purposeful-governance set of interrelated activities (sequence of operations), pre-forming at certain technology inputs (resources) into outputs (products and services), representation, those reflected value to buyers (customers). In industrial enterprises of the holding, business process each step transaction costs are divided into external, internal and lost profits. In the business process transaction costs should be classified by the costs of information retrieval; costs of negotiation; transport costs and the costs of maintenance and operation of facilities, transport; costs of measurement; costs of specification and protection of property rights; other transaction costs. In the future, using the proposed classification it is possible to organize managerial accounting for each enterprise and agricultural holdings in the whole entire holding, thereby forming more accurate accounting information for the transaction costs of business processes in all agroholding.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):58-62
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Kirova J.Z., Kirov V.A.


The purpose of the study is preparation of agro-industrial complex future specialists to administrative interaction with working collective in constantly changing conditions of modern society. Working conditions in agro-industrial complex are quite difficult: farmers must constantly monitor the prices of petroleum products because of sharply declining purchase prices. Moreover, they have to constantly upgrade their working environment in order to ensure profitability, because of agricultural products skillful marketing is fraught with high potential. In parallel, there is also structural transformation: small farms cease to function and transfer their production facilities to larger structures, which would like to develop further. At the same time, there is a tendency towards specialization. Managers of large agricultural holdings may not always participate directly in the entire current situation and solution to the problem falls by the specialists. All this requires completely new interaction skills in the professional sphere. The processes taking place in the agricultural sector, require the preparation of specialists who know not only expertise, but also certain qualities, providing not only their professional mobility and the ability to quickly switch from one type of labor to another, but also combine different functions of administrative interaction with the employees in conditions of innovation. This can be achieved only due to providing future specialists with additional educational programs and through the implementation of extra functionality qualifications. Only in this case, the expert will be in demand in today's job market to agricultural infrastructure.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):63-66
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Sycheva G.V., Makarova M.P.


The purpose of the study is to theoretically justify the needness of the corporate culture idea formation among students. The analysis of problem showed that in society «corporate culture» is perceived ambiguously. In the recent Soviet past, this concept was treated as a organizational culture. Organized group it was perceived as opposing itself to other social communities with the narrow individualistic interests. Unlike culture of activity corporation as the organized group which is available in each enterprise, establishment, the original corporate culture is formed consciously, purposefully, forming of steady intra corporate affairs for creation of association people and ensuring level of an regularity, division of function, synchronization of actions all subjects of corporation. Survey conducted among students, revealed abilities to cooperation and productive organizational and administrative activity, the received results of research are the essential efficiency of the «Corporate culture» course studying. The disciplines of knowledge created in the course of studying, abilities and personal qualities promote fast adaptation to work in team that, finally, positively affects professional activity. As the proof prevalence enterprising type of the personality serves it in groups. It means that students are able to set the main goal, tasks and to achieve the planned result within corporate interaction.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):67-71
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Barhanskaya E.V.


The purpose of this study is to theoretically justify the need for the development of adaptive-communicable health resources and to develop the program aimed at preserving and promoting the health of students. The main objectives are to reveal the contents of the concept of adaptive health resources based on the analysis of the top research literature, and to develop a methodical study of the health adaptive resources development process as a factor in ensuring in students stress-resistance. At present, the problem of maintaining the health of students is relevant and diverse. And for the successful solution of the problem it is vital to look at the whole range of factors, all causes. Increasing stress load causes the increase of students' health problems. Analysis of the problem showed that practicing the process of adaptation resources requires set of effective methods, forms and means of influence on the students. Taking health-preserving methodological approach as a basis it is proposed to carry out the educational process based on the fact that an effective set of forms and methods of training as part of health-technology - is such a psycho-physical and mental condition, which provides the students with an optimal level of mental and physical performance, as well as a tool to adapt to the changing educational and social environment. The program of building process of adaptation health of the students that had been developed in the process of the research, significantly improves the quality of training; allows you to learn behavioral forms that lead to health and healthy lifestyles; improving implementation of active behavioral strategies by learning skills and abilities to cope with stress, stress management, and as a consequence defines ways to preserve health
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):71-75
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Maltseva O.G.


Research objective is improvement of agroengineering training in higher school on the basis of modern requirements to the content of agroengineers professional activity. For achievement of the purpose the following problems were solved: collecting and analysis of statistical information sources by condition of engineering shots of the Volga region agrarian complex; carrying out biographical research among employees of engineering services of the Volga region agrarian complexes enterprises by determination of specifics and the content of their professional activity, the analysis of the received information; definition of perspective technologies of improvement of agroengineering training in higher school. The analysis of statistical information sources didn't allow to reveal interrelation between agroengineers professional standard and the existing technologies level therefore survey of staff of engineering services of the Volga region agrarian complexes enterprises was in addition conducted. Results of questioning showed that on average «quality» of engineering shots is slightly higher average about the country. At the same time respondents note that in the activity they should deal more and more with the latest equipment, thus the knowledge gained 15-20 years ago, doesn't answer the functioning principles in modern conditions more and more. Besides, problem point in agroengineers training is design preparation as design methods which are possessed by workers, considerably became outdated, they are succeeded by modern computer technologies, such as three-dimensional modeling. Therefore the problem of agriculture modernization is impossible without introduction to the program of future agroengineers training of training modern methods, and also without change of the contents of the program of preparation taking into account modern technologies of machine and technological providing agrarian and industrial complex.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):75-78
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Tolpekina A.S., Nosova T.M.


Research activity is one way to enhance the cognitive process of students. It is based on raising the level of student motivation, development of interest to the study of the learning process that promotes the formation of the biological and ecological research competence. The paper presents the results of empirical research that established increased motivation for success among students as a result of focusing on research activities in teaching biology. The purpose of the research work is to increase the level of students motivation in the fifth and sixth grades in the process of studing biology for the formation of bioecological research competence. The tasks of the research work is to identify the level of students motivation in research activities, to encourage its formation development in extracurricular hours. The success motivation research of the fifth and sixth grades students was carried in the Samara region secondary school during the extracurricular activities (club «Young researcher»). The method of diagnosing students motivation to the success of Thomas Ehlers was used in the research work, the basis of which is the motivational orientation to achieve the desired result, communicative relations to other people and the desire to the vital activity. The estimation of mastering the content of bio-ecological concepts by the students was performed by the method of A. V. Usova with the use of Student's criteria. As a result of the visit the students circle «Young Researcher» and work in it, the 6th grade students showed high level of motivation to succeed (0.69), and lower class respondents 5 (0.53) compared with the control group: Grade 6 (0 37), Class 5 - (0.23). The higher motivation to success (He = 0.37 KG students 6th grade and I'm 0.69 EG), the lower the willingness to take risks. Motivation to success and influence to hope for success: with a strong motivation to succeed hope of success was modest (indicators of the level of motivation of students grades 5 and 6 courses: KG - 0.53; EG - 0.69, respectively). High level of motivation in the learning process is needed to achieve the overall success of the activities of the student. Also, the students attending the circle «Young Researcher» increased the level of achievement of the basic concepts of ecology. The coefficients of mastering the content of concepts made of 0.61-0.83. In assessing the achievements in the development of abilities and skills of students was noted assimilation of the foundations of research activities (development of algorithms for the study), the development of critical thinking, laying the foundations of ecological culture.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):78-82
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Enyashina N.G.


The research is aimed at optimization and enhancement of university student team building efficiency by the means of play activity. In the course of the study an experimental structural informational model of student team building by the means of play activity is developed and implemented. Matter of the process under investigation is reflected in the experimental programme of adapting training for the first-year students which includes a series of consecutive actions such as revealing problems of the trainees, target setting, working out procedures and methods of interaction, activity sharing. The programme of the training is based on the elements of the behavioural play therapy and is aimed at correcting internal psychological problems of students (emotional, behavioural and cognitive) as well as external difficulties, helps students solve personal psychological problems, adapt to university conditions, cope with the new role of a student. Criteria necessary for qualitative monitoring of the process under investigation (adapting, emotional comfort, psychological climate, unity, group development) as well as their dynamics rate are found out. Positive dynamics of all the criteria in the experimental groups is noted after adapting training programme being carried out. Statistical analysis of the obtained data confirms the correctness of the empirical study. The most essential change took place in the group development rate (t-empirical - 13.35 > t-critical - 1.97 with p≤0.05). This testifies the fact of attaining the aim of the investigation as the result of the experimental work: student academic groups achieved the highest level of group development and became teams.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):83-86
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Solodovnikova I.A.


The investigation objective is to substantiate pedagogical conditions of vocational training of prospective socialer for integration into the community of children with limited abilities. The training quality of prospective socialers depends on those conditions in which students are trained. Pedagogical conditions are an interconnected set of objective opportunities, content, forms, methods, means and the material and spatial environment directed at the solution of the tasks set in the research. We distinguish two groups of conditions which in interaction promote effective vocational training: the general ones, promoting effective training of socialers, and the individual ones which reflect features of pedagogical process of forming readiness of prospective social workers for integration into the disabled children community. Dynamics of readiness growth of students for integration into the disabled children community in the course of experimental work has been shown. In such complex the interrelation of the following components is noted: motivational and valuable, cognitive, operational and activity, emotional and volitional. During experimental work the changes can be noted which took place in the motivational and valuable component of readiness (appreciation of humanistic values of activity with disabled children was given by only 13.1% of students, whereas at the end of experimental work - 82.1%); emotional and volitional component (communication appealingness with parents and children increased (in 33% of the students of experimental group); in a cognitive component (at the beginning at the high level there was 1.2% of students, after - 34.6% of students); in an operational and activity component (prior to work at the high level there was no student, after - 32.9%). Thus, experimental work showed that the set of pedagogical conditions of general and individual character promotes effective vocational training of social workers for integration into the community of disabled children.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):87-91
pages 87-91 views


Yermakova J.D.


The purpose of the study is improving the efficiency of the regional cluster com-interaction by providing vocational training in modern socio-economic conditions. Global informatization determines the relevance of the increased use of automated data processing, information retrieval systems, telecommunication access to information resources. This causes the growth of the needs for personnel performing hardware and software maintenance of computer technology and computer networks, which owns the methods and means of information rational processing in all areas of professional activity. Modern society is built on the crumbling skeleton of the old forms of social and cultural interactions that were structured through the relevant social institutions, built mostly vertically. In connection with the increasing needs in the professional orientation of the state policy of modernization of Russian education aimed at advancing the development of professional education. Such is the nature of the new emerging order of interaction in the modern socio-cultural environment is implemented through the use of a new method, based on the concept of «clustering», which in General reflects multiple aspects of modern network communication practice. «Clusters» are the «cell» structure of the network of communicative space. In modern professional pedagogy frequently used definitions of «educational cluster», emphasizing the identity of the phenomenon to the educational environment, and «regional cluster», with an emphasis on regional specifics. The most characteristic feature of clustering practice introduction in the education sector is the involvement of all stakeholders to improve training efficiency and competitiveness of professional training. An example of this practice can serve as a practice of active involvement within the clusters to develop and implement educational strategies educational institutions, professional associations, employers, chambers of Commerce, trade unions, other civil society institutions. The main goal of modern advanced education is becoming a culture of personality in combination with its non-linear synergistic style of thinking familiar with the methodology of crushing wave of the future development, which is formed based on a new synergetic paradigm in fundamental education.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):91-94
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Kosirev V.P., Strel’zov V.V.


The purpose of research is the creation of science-based system of educational programs developing for retraining and advanced training. Effective system of training and retraining of specialists is largely determined by the quality of the design and implementation of educational programs. Design and implementation of educational programs IPE as an element of designing the content of vocational education is carried out on the scientific content of the vocational education theory and scientific foundations and patterns of adult learning. Analysis and selection of content IPE should be carried out for at least six levels. The first four levels are related to professional activities as a whole, its types and component composition. Five sets of competence (KSD and PIPQ) necessary for the implementation of functional unit activity (competence), and the sixth level - with the layout content in didactic units, modules, educational programs and training professional retraining. The content and organization of educational and professional activities enrolled in programs IPE determined by the model of the present and future professional activity, professional. Therefore, in the process of selecting the content should include the need to address the students learning the actual professional tasks, problems, the possibility of entering into professional communication and interpersonal interaction, and communication, etc. The research problem is to justify theoretically the possibility of information technology approach to the development of personalized training programs for retraining and advanced training of specialists in the system of additional professional education.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):94-97
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Kolyvanova L.A., Nosova T.M., Swedov V.G.


The aim of research objective is sociocultural adaptation actualityconfirmation of students with visual disorders by means of the zoological museum. Sociocultural adaptation actuality of students with visual disorders in the sociocultural environment is proved by studying of inclusive education development current trends and possibility of their realization through creation of variable conditions for social development and spiritual updating of persons with special needs. On the base of the analysis of the standard and legal Russian Federation base the perspective forms of inclusive education development directed on realization of a complex of the actions allowing to provide easy access to necessary objects and services in priority spheres of activity of disabled people, and the subsequent adaptation in society are revealed. Sociocultural adaptation of students with visual disorders and their subsequent integration into professional activity are connected with receiving and assimilation of social norms of behavior by them, formation of positive outlook and development of the personality. Reliability of the drawn conclusions is confirmed with results of a number of the researches directed to identification like the dominating installation in the relation of environment and the subsequent extent of students with visual disorders social adaptation. Research showed that when forming positive installation in the environment relation means of the zoological museum among students with limited opportunities of health the level of social adaptation increases and positive resistance to its changes increases. At a low indicator at trained with visual disorders arise negative attitude to environment that results in lack of their adaptation in the sociocultural environment and further successful socialization in society.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):98-102
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Kuznetsov A.V.


The main aim of this article is the disclosure of new form education of aviation specialists potential, that is the work of aviation educational centers and also students opportunity for realization themselves in aviation field in any level of their abilities and liabilities. The main research tasks: to get to know the role of state and private partnership in developing of national and aviation education; reveal the complex of specific fields of preparing aviation specialists; consider the main factors and directions of perfection their preparation in new social and economical circumstances and the changes of aviation technics generation; fast moving transferring on new technologies of theirs developing and production; examine the main problems of pedagogical combination of educational centers; to learn the standard claims to professional preparation of flying and technical specialists to which the aviation and technical educational centers should be oriented. The article considers the factors which influence the process which takes place in the sphere of aviation community preparation in modern society, the creation of new educational infrastructure - Aviation educational centers of civil aviation, the description of experience of Aviation educational center in Ulyanovsk higher civil aviation school. The main factors are the following: globalization; unification of main demands to the education of aviation specialists; denationalization which leads to the reduction of control from the side of the state; the transition to new technology of project and production of aviation equipment, which demands principally new approach to retraining flying, air controller and engineer stuff; the rapid development of private companies which can use the possible resources to improve the educational process. The model of integrated national system of preparation of aviation and technical staff for aviation is introduced in the paper - PPP - Public Private Partnership, which describes the functions of reasonable tracking changes of mark demand to modern aviation education, the division of field of responsibility between participants of educational process and also structures which control the process as a whole.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):102-107
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Khismatullina Z.N.


The aim of this work is to give theoretical and methodological substantiation of the problem concerning the implementation of competence-based approach to the assessment of professional education quality in the higher educational institution. The most important tasks include: orientation of the educational process on the results, clear identification of what a graduate should know and be able to do to be in demand in the labour market; changes made in the presentation of results from the assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities to the characteristics of the acquired competencies; development of the methodology and techniques of assessing education quality. Competency is seen as a set of knowledge, abilities, skills, personality traits, ways of activity specified in relation to the range of objects or processes. Competence reflects the degree of mastering a certain competency by the trainee including his personal attitude to it and the object of activity. Differentiating these concepts, it is necessary to bear in mind that competency is a predetermined requirement (norm) to the educational training of the student while competence is his established personal quality. The analysis of education quality assessment problem is carried out by external social quality using indicators of population educational qualification, large-scale participation, accessibility and statehood of education, and by internal institutional quality as assessment of a particular institution using indicators of professional preparation quality of its graduates, the content of education, human resources, as well as material and technical resources, etc. Modern quality assessment systems are based on the new paradigm of education standardization, on subject-activity structure of assessment tools. For their maximum similarity to the conditions of future professional activity, employers, undergraduates, professors delivering multi-disciplinary lectures and others should actively be involved as outside experts. New system of control should allow both the student and the University as well as third-party organizations to evaluate the quality of the acquired competencies, the intensity and effectiveness of the educational process and the educational program, the degree of their adequacy to the terms of future employment more objectively.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):107-112
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Kuznetsov Y.V.


The aim of the article is the detection of the main conditions of native aviation specialists preparation system. The main goals are the following: to analyze the effects of globalization, diversification and denationalization of aviation education on the quality of flights and technical stuff for the aviation preparation. These conditions are: the accounting requirements of International Civil Aviation Organization, directed to the actualization of normative base and standardization of all kinds of education, the reduction of the tuition fee by means of transition to more economical aircraft with maximum overhaul resource, the increase of the number of flight days, the provision with modern trainers and etc. The implementation of the following directions will provide the aviation sphere with the qualified specialists. The article considers the general trends which describe the process, which takes place in aviation industry and the private trends which determine contemporary system condition of aviation-related personnel professional preparation and also the upcoming trend in the development of contemporary system of aviation education. The creation of united information and educational environment is noted as the positive tendency. The role of specialized aviation centers and vertically integrated educational complexes is getting more prominent in socio-economical, technological and educational development of aviation industry in different regions of Russia. Diversification is the most important direction, which characterizes the new tendencies in the development of professional aviation education. It is the main characteristic of the dominating paradigm that is the constant professionalism where the main idea is the integration of educational establishments of different levels starting with the seconddary vocational establishments up to higher establishments and postgraduate education. The realization of these directions will provide the aviation industry with the qualified specialists.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):112-116
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Strekalova N.B.


Delivered for the higher school task of education quality ensuring for everyone and the training of highly qualified specialist actualizes the problem of finding adequate to the needs of society learning outcomes. Therefore, the aim of the study is the justification of the choice of the concept of «readiness for activity» as resulting characteristics of professional training. In the analysis of scientific and pedagogical literature revealed the essence of this concept - sustainable integrative personal education that configures person to perform for activity that is key to its successful implementation. The differences of the categories of «readiness» and «competence»: the readiness is formed in the process of professional training and competence in the course of actual professional activity; in the structure of the readiness of the prevailing value-motivational component, competence and activity; the readiness is a stable characteristic, while the competence you need to constantly confirm. At the same time revealed the relationship between readiness and professional risks, the necessity of forming through the willingness of more sustainable internal motivation to activities carried out under adverse conditions. Comparison of the results obtained with changes in the activity of specialists in connection with the Informatization of society, helped to make the conclusion about the necessity of forming their willingness to use information and communication technologies in their activities due to: high dynamic updates of these technologies; the need to value and critical attitude to them; existing adverse consequences of work in the conditions of information overload.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):116-119
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Zavgorodneva N.S.


The purpose of the study is the formation of environmental attitudes toward nature in an inclusive environmental education for children with disabilities by means of zoo. Special role in the process of socio-cultural adaptation of these children to the environment, the formation of ecological culture of personality, communication, comprising as essential components bio-ecological knowledge, values ​​and environmental activities by zoo game. The learning process of children with disabilities requires the creation of special educational environment at the zoo and the use of active learning in biology. At the centre of our work lay organize special remedial developmental activities in which we introduce children to virtual zoo, which contributed to the formation of their ideas about the nature and development of ecological thinking. To study the value-semantic component of ecological culture of children with disabilities used diagnostic methods (S. D. Deryabo, V. A. Yasvin). Our study took place on the basis of special (correctional) boarding school «Overcoming» the city of Samara, in grades 5-9. In the study, it was found that the intensity of the subjective attitude towards nature among students has an average and that knowledge of nature are not backed by sufficient love for her, therefore, the formation of students with disabilities ecological relationship to nature, the development of an environmental culture in the inclusive environmental education involves the active use of various means, including the protection of the zoo. Results showed that the intensity ratio of the subjective nature of its structure, and 47-71, the level of dominance for the nature display areas: emotional - 5, 26, cognitive - 6, 23, in a practical - 6, 13, the dominant type Position on nature: the beauty - 40, 90; security - 25, 18; Use - 18, 93; Study - 16, 95.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):119-122
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Kuznetsov Y.V.


The aim of this article is to define the necessary conditions of highly qualified flying, engineer, technical and service stuff deficit replenishment in the aviation sphere. The main tasks of investigation are the following: the solving of the problem of discontinuity between theoretical and practical preparation, educational and scientific activity in different stages of continuous aviation education; the analysis of contradictions which exist in the native system of aviation education in market economy conditions. It is proven there the necessity of continuity, succession, mobility and variability of their preparation. The relevance of the investigated problem is stipulated by the appearance of new and modern directions of process such as: complicated technological equipment with microprocessors and software; computer systems of automatic project, production and control; certification and quality control; marketing and management and the ongoing technical reconstruction of civil aviation. The article considers the problems of supplying the workers of different spheres in general aviation; the education of pilots in accordance with the standards of third generation. It is scientifically proven the “system of effects” of multilevel model of aviation education. It is the possibility for the industry to get the specialist in no time with the required qualification parameters. It is the possibility for the personality the opportunity choice of educational trajectory, which satisfy intellectual, social, and economical demands. It is the possibility for the student to get additional professional educational programs and additional qualification, which can increase his competitiveness. It is the possibility for the graduate to get effective education on every level. It is the possibility for the labor market to get new connections of professional education with the necessity for the labor market. It is the possibility for the educational establishment to have the opportunity to realize scientific and pedagogical potential, to create different modifications of educational plans taking into consideration the specification the industry and the region.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2015;(2):122-127
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