No 4 (2012)


Biological Efficiency of Herbicides in Spring Wheat Weeds Control

Vasin V.G., Prosandeev N.A.


Herbicides Efficiency of Kirovo-Chepetsk chemical company and their mixes against two-submultiple weeds is shown when wheat is processed in two terms: in blossom and final phase.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):3-6
pages 3-6 views

Estimation of the Source Material Alfalfa Variable

Kazarin V.F., Volodina I.A.


Lucerne sort-pattern studying results for green weight productivity, dry substance output, protein and seed efficiency are presented. The most valuable numbers which have shown stability to environment stressful factors are allocated.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):6-9
pages 6-9 views

Efficiency and Fodder Advantages of Grain – Forage Crop in Polyspecific Crops at Cultivation for Forages

Vasin A.V., Vasina N.V., Kokotov M.G.


Four years experimental research results of polyspecific grain-forrage crops productivity are presented. It is established, that the most yieldful was barley and oats mixture, three and four-mixtures a bit inferior to them, but their feed advantages – turned out to be more preferable, which confirms the expediency of using them in production.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):9-13
pages 9-13 views

Flax Seeds Yield by Modern Herbicides Processing in Middle Ural`Region

Fatykhov I.S., Korepanova E.V., Zakharova Y.N.


Herbicides effect for Voshod, Tomskiy 18, Sinichka, Orion and Crom flax varieties seeds yield is determined. For sod-medium loamy soil different herbicides processing reactions of flax studied varieties is established. The herbicides processing of flax crops by Gerbitoks L separately in tank mixture (Gerbitoks L + Magnum) and the sequential processing by herbicide tank mixes and Miura have made the highest seeds yield of Tomskiy 18 varieties – among of early-maturing varieties group and Orion – among the middle maturing groups.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):13-17
pages 13-17 views

The Effeciensy of the NanoGro Preparation against Root-Rot of Spring Wheat

Morosov A.I.


This article Is devoted to the problems of the root-rot spreading in new wheat sorts according to the pre-sowing grain treatment with the fungicide and Nano-Gro preparation for dark grey forest soils of N. Novgorod Region. Margarita, Marusya and Sophia sorts have been studied.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):17-20
pages 17-20 views

Leguminous Crops Efficiency for Different Levels of Mineral Food

Vasin A.V.


By researches it is revealed that on the average for 2008-2011, including 2 years the extremely droughty, the most productive and economically justifiable for conditions of Samara Region were peas grades the Leader 9, the Farm laborer.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):20-24
pages 20-24 views

Productivity and Some Indexes of Quality of Grain of Parley-Wheat Hybrids.

Vertiy N.S., Titarenko A.V., Titarenko L.P., Kozlov A.A.


In the article yield and some quality parameters of barley-wheat hybrids grain data is presented. Quality of grain lines are of interest, selected from the hybrid combinations of diallel crosses.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):24-27
pages 24-27 views

Ecologial Plasticity of Sorts of Long-Stalk in the Conditions of Middle Ural`Region.

Koreanova E.V., Fatyhov I.S.


We studied the reaction of flax varieties for Middle Ural Region abiotic conditions. It is revealed, that flax varieties fiber yield change is 77,6%, seeds one is 84,6% due to the abiotic factors influence. Among the studied varieties good responsiveness to changing abiotic conditions and the relatively high stability of fiber yield has flax Voshod. Varieties Sinichka and Orion respond well to changing abiotic conditions of the stable yield seeds.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):27-30
pages 27-30 views

Prodductivity of Winter Wheat Depending on Application of Growth Factors in a Link Crop Rotation With clean and Busy Steam.

Vasin V.G., Kokotov M.G., Ivashechkin V.N.


The researches results of winter wheat varieties Povolzhskaya 86 yield depending on growth promoters use by diferent soil treatment
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):30-33
pages 30-33 views

Technology Influence for photosynthesis active radiation use by millet crops in the conditions of Middle Volga region forest-steppe

Volkova A.V.


Crops sowing way influence studies results , norm, depth of seeding and doses of mineral fertilizers in combination to crops unstress biological preparation "Alibit" application for photosynthesis active radiation use by millet crops of Saratovskoe-6, Krestiyanka and Zaryana grades are given
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):33-38
pages 33-38 views

Accuracy of Oiliness Preliminary Estimation Content in Sea Buckthorn Fruit

Berezhnaya G.A.


The supposed relation between oiliness, biomass and large fruit is determined according to the results of the correlative and dispersive analysis. High relation closeness (correlation is 0,98) and back, proportional depending between data is shown higher level of small varieties oiliness to large ones is established
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):38-41
pages 38-41 views

Fertility Protection in Crop Rotations on Subject Erosion Arable Soil

Gaevaja E.A.


In this article the results of long-term, from 1986 to 2011 researches connected with soil arable layer fertility preservation in various crop rotations on erosion slope with territory shade-meliorative organisation and strip disposition of cultures are considered. It is established, that during the 26-year- period entering of dung and fertilizers promotes humus reproduction, increase of crop rotations efficiency.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):41-45
pages 41-45 views

Meteorological Values Time Variations Restoration from their Climatic Characteristics in Reference to Crop Modeling

Samokhvalova E.V.


For the climatic agricultural crop productivity and its stability forecast the nonstationary random processes stochastic modeling was applied for the time variation ensemble creating of the sunshine duration, air temperature and moisture deficit. Their combinations used in separation analysis procedure for the precipitation modeling.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):45-49
pages 45-49 views

Yields of barley, depending on the type of couple in crop rotation and soil

Kutilkin V.G.


Minimization of main soil cultivation for barley in field rotation with clean and sideral empty soils is Installed and economically justified .
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):49-53
pages 49-53 views

Winter Wheat Additional Fertilizing Methods in Grain Empty Soils Crop Rotation in Average Ural

Mukhomedyarova A.S.


The parameters of winter wheat grain quality in field crop rotations with various saturation in pure empty soils and grain crops were studied. The efficiency of winter wheat root and outroot top dressing use by nitric fertilizers. The basic parameters of grain quality are determined;the maintenance and quality of protein, glass and natural weight.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):53-56
pages 53-56 views

The Quality of Spring Triticale Grain Depending on Sowing Norm and Processing by Herbicides

Kukonkova A.A., Terehov M.B.


The spring triticale grain quality depending on the sowing norms and processing of herbicide was examined (Magnum + Grand Dikameron). The quality of crops grain is estimated by number of indicators, which on the whole characterize its physico- chemical, food and technological qualities
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):56-59
pages 56-59 views

Agrotechnical Justification Rational Arrangement of Working Bodies for Intra Fertilizer

Milutkin V.A., Milutkin A.V., Tolpekin S.A., Simchenkova S.P.


The article discusses the various technological schemes permutation distribution of working bodies for intra fertilizer as a separate layer-horizon, and in several layers - placing bulk fertilizers.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):59-63
pages 59-63 views

Special Features of Spanish Oak Rooting and Graft Growth

Strelets V.D., Rykhalin F.N.


The article deals with the data of the aboveground part and tannins accumulation growth in various parts of Spanish oak depending on the method of its trees cultivation .
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):63-67
pages 63-67 views

Hoof Meal Influence for Light and Tripol Grey Soil Fertility, Potato Yield and Crops Quality

Evgrafova I.P.


In this article the hoofed meal, tripol , their action for fertility of the light grey wood soil, potato productivity, spring wheat, barley and their quality indicators chemical composition materials are stated.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):67-72
pages 67-72 views

Substrate and Organic Additives Influence for the Productivity Food and Energy Value of Oyster Mushrooms

Dulov M.I., Aleksanyan V.S.


In this article the research results of substrate and organic additives effect for oyster mushrooms, cultivation biological effectiveness, food and energy value of new fruit bodies are shown.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):73-78
pages 73-78 views

Food Additives Influence for the Smoked-Cooked Pork «Mikhailovskay» Quality

Korosteleva L.A.


Organolepthic and physicochemical smoked-cooked pork «Mikhailovskay» quality changes, in consequence of the multipurpose various food brine additives for smoked-cooked pork are shown.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):78-82
pages 78-82 views

Grain Chemical Composition and Technological Advantages Change for Millet Grades Grain Storage

Makushin A.N.


Researches results of grain chemical composition and technological advantages change for millet grades grain storage are carried out. Millet grades peasant and zaryana are characterized by higher technological properties that makes them more suitable for processing in grain. The millet developed from millet grain zaryana, keeps the consumer properties better during storaging .
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):82-86
pages 82-86 views

The Regulation of Vegetable Raw Materials Extrudates Functional and Technological Properties

Kurochkin A.A., Shaburova G.V., Voronina P.K.


The article contains the results of extrudates the functional and technological properties regulating analysis possible ways during the starching process of treatment, and the original method of extrudates obtaining protected by patent for invention was substantiated.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):86-91
pages 86-91 views

Various Yeast Races Influence for Duration of Technological Process, Exit and Quality of Luxury Alcohol in the Conditions of Firm Buyan of Samara Region

Alekseeva M.M.


In the article the researches results of v arious yeast races Influence for duration of technological process, exit and quality of Luxury alcohol, exit and quality of alcohol of the first "Class" are considered.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):91-94
pages 91-94 views

Influence of Sort on Quality of Malt from Grain of Millet.

Makushin A.N., Volkova A.V.


Researches results of possibility to malt from millet grain brewing use as additional raw materials are carried out.In brewing during replacement of main raw materials part it is the most expedient to apply millet grain malt of Peasant and Zaryana grade.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):94-97
pages 94-97 views

Application of Imitating Salted Pork Fat by Production of Boiled Sausage Products from Horse-Flesh

Baimishev R.H., Baimisheva D.S.


Possibility of imitating salted pork fat application on basis of algitnat sodium is established by production of boiled sausages from horse-flesh.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):97-100
pages 97-100 views

Fat acid composition of pumpkin seed oil

Voronina P.K., Kurochkin A.A.


Investigations methodology and results of the barley extrudate influence for the formation of key indicators of the beer product and beer wort quality are represented.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):100-103
pages 100-103 views

Fat acid composition of pumpkin seed oil

Sheshnizan I.N., Shaburova G.V.


The paper presents analysis of oil fatty acid composition contained in the extrudate of pumkin seeds. Method of obtaining the extrudate is original and protected by patent for invention.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):103-106
pages 103-106 views

Influence of Amarant Flour for Iodine Contents in Formed Bread from the First Sort Wheat Flour

Krutyaeva E.V.


Results of studies are brought in article of amarant flour for iodine contents in formed bread from the first sort wheat flour influence with accompaniment iodine protein «Yoddar».
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):106-109
pages 106-109 views

Influence of Food Addition «Sanprogel» for Product Quality and Microorganisms Development at the Production of Fruit-Berries Yoghurt

Sukhova I.V.


Microbiological researches of fruit-berries yoghurt are presented in this article. Recommendation for application of food addition of «Sanprogel» for milk processing enterprises are considered.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):109-112
pages 109-112 views

Applications of Fiber Wheat "Kametsel FW 200" in the Production of Poultrysausage

Sysoev V.N.


The influence of natural wheat fiber for organoleptic and physical-chemical indicators of poultry meat cooked sausages quality is considered. The input fiber optimum quantity in the spam in dry form is determined.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):112-116
pages 112-116 views

Effect of Fruit Filler for Consumer Preferences and Yogurt Quality

Pashkova E.Y., Dulova E.V.


The results of homogeneous fillers effect with different fruit-berry flavor and aroma, produced by association "Gamma" for the organoleptic and physical-chemical properties of yogurt.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):116-120
pages 116-120 views

SW F Influence for technological and baking properties of wheat flour

Romadina U.A.


In this article the problems of SW F influence for technological and baking properties of wheat flour depending on various time of radiation are considered
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):120-125
pages 120-125 views

Food Albumen Blood Protein Influence for Sausage Quality

Romanova T.N.


The possibility of albumen blood application by sausage production with protein, exit ready product, improvement sight and quality increase is established.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):125-130
pages 125-130 views

Technological Receptions of Sliced Processed Cheeses Production with Substituting of Fat Runnet Cheese by Rikotta Whey Cheese in Compounding

Klimova E.N.


The article is about technological features of processed cheese production using serum cheese as secondary dairy raw materials in its compounding.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):130-133
pages 130-133 views

Bunker unloading device design for the components of mixed fodders

Milutkin V.A., Kosyanenko A.A.


The article discusses the bunker unloading device design with slotted bottom and scraping booster, ensuring efficient and energy-saving dosing unloading from the bunkers of hard loose mixed fodder components due to the possibility of bandwidth operative change and the codes destruction intensity.
Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy. 2012;(4):133-136
pages 133-136 views

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